how to make a time machine prop

Since 2006 I have been building time machine models in different sizes and styles. My fascination with the Victorian design of the Time Machine in the 1960 George Pal movie of the H.G. Wells classic began the first time I viewed the film as a nine year old and has continued to this day. The graceful lines and colorful design of the machine which combined Victorian age beauty with futuristic ... More

how to make yogurt from milk at home

pasteurized cow milk > pasteurized goat milk > raw cow milk > raw goat milk Beware of using the highly processed UHT milk in most cases, you wont manage to make yoghurt out of it. Step-by-step guide to making delicious yoghurt at home ... More

mozilla how to open about addons

Mozilla said today that following this date, it plans to start the process of disabling legacy add-on versions on its add-ons portal located at (also known as the AMO). ... More

how to make a media video

Using VLC Media Player, if you want to play a certain portion of a video/audio and then skip some segments and then resu... 35 Comments on Skipping and Playing Audio and Video ... More

how to open excel 97 2003 in excel 2016

For example, if you enable the Turn off file validation setting for Excel 2016, Office file validation does not scan or validate Excel 97-2003 Workbook files, Excel 97-2003 Template files, or Microsoft Excel 5.0/95 files. If a user opens one of those file types, and the file contains a file format attack, the attack will not be detected or prevented unless some other security control detects ... More

how to make keys trada

TRADA Technology. TRADA Technology is an independent consultancy company and prior to 1994 was wholly owned by TRADA. It is now a member of the BM TRADA Group of companies and is the appointed provider for research and information programmes and for … ... More

how to make homemade caesar drink

For caesar dressing, process garlic, 1 tsp of sea salt, yolks, vinegar, mustard, anchovies and Worcestershire sauce using a food processor until combined. With motor running, add olive oil in a slow steady stream until dressing is thick, then season to taste with a ... More

how to make coquito drink

Coquito puerto rican coconut eggnog recipe serious eats making coquito for christmas best holiday drink ever you coquito recipe no eggs perfect coquito recipe all recipes uk Whats people lookup in … ... More

how to play youtube on tv from phone

Either pick a movie file from the Videos app, or play a clip from Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, or any other video app. The Home screen will vanish from the TV, and the video will play in full ... More

how to make wordpress theme for themeforest

Themeforest wordpress theme is a great place for getting or selling out for the themes, as after getting a theme to get the latest update was very head freezing and it also took much of time to get that done. ... More

how to make your boyfriend love you forever

PropagatesSelling a credit spread is to go brief (selling) a choice having a higher poems for my boyfriend that i love value and go long (buying) a choice having a lower value.A basic vertical Call spread involves selling the Call option using a lower strike and purchasing another Call option with a ... More

how to make a canal

"The Panama Canal Watershed is very important for U.S. commerce and is one of the few places in the tropics that has both a long-term hydrologic record, and an active system of land management ... More

how to run key file

Prezi is the key to interesting and engaging presentations. When the spotlight’s on, an engaging visual aid is key. Deliver more impactful presentations with Prezi. You can't. Keynote is required to open them, and it's a Mac-only application. However. If you have an iCloud account, you could log ... More

how to write a simple contingency plan

This site-specific Emergency Response/Contingency Plan is the facility’s plan for dealing with emergencies and shall be implemented immediately whenever there is a fire, explosion, or release of hazardous materials that could threaten human health and/or the ... More

how to fall in love with your spouse again

30/01/2012 · Do you want you spouse to fall in love with you all over again? Do you want to feel excited with anticipation when you see them at the end of … ... More

1.7.2 bukkit server how to make

23/10/2013 · Home Tutorial How To Set Up Minecraft Bukkit Server 1.7.2 (Windows) How To Set Up Minecraft Bukkit Server 1.7.2 (Windows) kali ini saya ingin membagikan nih cara untuk membuat server 1.7.2 dengan hamachi. ... More

how to make money on amazon

6/09/2016 · A list of 5 different ways you can make money online with Amazon's services. Includes affiliate marketing, ecommerce, t-shirts, video and CPM advertising. Here are the links to all the sites in ... More

how to make fried rice at home in tamil

This recipe for fried rice takes just about 10 minutes to make and thus a perfect lunch box idea when you are in a hurry. Egg fried is much faster to make compared to chicken fried rice because the whole procedure for boiling and frying chicken is not required. ... More

how to make junk crates fast bdo

Our food subscription boxes are one quick shop away from becoming staples in your kitchen. Trust us, you’re in for a treat. Whether you just travel to the grocery store or to far off places to curve your cravings, we’ve got you covered. We boast a wide selection of ... More

how to make perfect ice cream at home

Ice Cream Makers v By Hand. You dont have to get an in ice cream machine to make it at home. But, having made ice cream both in a machine and by hand, for me personally, I prefer the machine made. ... More

how to make a teamspeak 3 server free 2015

TeamSpeak 3 servers from Australia. Click on an server in the list to get all its information. Click on an server in the list to get all its information. Australia TeamSpeak 3 Serverlist - [en] ... More

how to pass cfa level 2 in 4 months

Start as early as 6 months in advance and as late as 4 months in hand. 3. Skim and preview material: Give few hours in skimming the material and mark topics based on your knowledge and difficulty. ... More

how to play the d minor on alto sax

Jazz Exercises for Saxophone: Intermediate Studies in 12 Keys Another Real Life Example of Playing in 12 Keys In my last blog, I referenced a couple of instances of real life playing situations where you need to be able to play in 12 keys. ... More

how to make air freshener with lemon peels

Because the scent is coming from fresh fruit peels, it will be beautifully natural and sweet, exactly what you want for an air freshener, and the orange essential oil will help the fragrance to pop. 10. ... More

how to make a diamond sword out of paper easy

Minecraft Diamond Sword printable PDF How to use our Minecraft Diamond Sword printable PDF Print 2 copies in color on 11x17 paper. Glue to cardboard or foam board and cut out. Glue second copy to car Glue to cardboard or foam board and cut out. ... More

how to make batter for shrimp to fry

It will be hard to say for certain without the recipe, but my guess is that you are describing the effect of using Tempura batter instead of the flour based batters typically encountered in Western countries. ... More

how to play what a wonderful world

What A Wonderful World - Israel Kamakawiwoʻole - free chords and lyrics. Learn this song on Jellynote with our interactive sheet music and tabs. Play along with youtube video covers. Learn this song on Jellynote with our interactive sheet music and tabs. ... More

how to poo in the morning before a run

The bottom line: “Give yourself some peaceful time in the morning, and start any new poop-related habits far in advance so that your body has time to adjust and get in sync,” she says. How to Make Yourself Poop Before a Run originally appeared on ... More

excel how to make checkbox cross out

In Excel 2010 & Newer you can turn on the developer menu by going to File -> Options, then click on 'Customize Ribbon' in the left column. In the far right column check ... More

how to open a charity bank account

As well as charity bank accounts and charity deposits with special rates, we also offer: Financing Access an extensive range of finance products to fund a variety of needs. ... More

how to say mister in spanish

24/07/2018 · What is the correct translation of Mister to Spanish? How to say Mister in Spanish? How to pronounce don? ... More

how to play gnossienne no 1 on guitar

Gnossienne No. 1 , Gnossienne n. 1. 3:06. $0.99: Reviews Review Policy . Write a Review Edit Review . 5.0. 1 total . 5 1. 4 0. 3 0. 2 0. 1 0 Via Google Play Music app on Android v4+, iOS v7+, or by exporting MP3 files to your computer and playing on any MP3 compatible music player. Report. Flag as inappropriate . More Albums See more. Musica para Estudiar . Radio Musica Clasica, Musica ... More

how to respond to a contract

An answer to breach of contract complaint is a common method of responding when a lawsuit is started against you. After receiving a summons and complaint, you should meet with a lawyer and discuss how you would like to proceed. ... More

how to put a song on repeat on virtual dj

Virtual DJ Mixer With Music Review. Unfortunately, professional review of the Virtual DJ Mixer With Music app is not yet ready. This app is on the list and will be reviewed in the nearest feature. ... More

how to make noise when intruder come

21/04/2016 · Take What I Want Lyrics Come on and tell me why you’re better than me – why you deserve what you got, and why I should believe it. All I want is just a little piece. ... More

how to make a vpn on iphone

ulham make a vpn iphone second substitution: Ayite replaces Schurrle. And he is called straight into action after Zinchenko bombs on 40 yards then arcs a vpn iphone crossfield to the 1 last vpn iphone update 2019/01/06 last update right for 1 last update 2019/01/06 on Mahrez that Ayite has to intercept and prod out for 1 last update 2019/01/06 ... More

how to make a pen stand with cardboard

"Pen organizer using cardboard tubes and cardboard box." "cute craft to hold school supplies" "Inspiring" Ecosystems Projects Science Projects Ocean Projects Art Projects School Projects Projects For Kids Craft Kids Crafts For Kids Biology Projects. Ocean diorama for school project Idea for Henry-- grade project. Remember to use those extra floral gems for the water. "Ocean diorama for school ... More

how to prepare before a test

Give your doctor a copy of both your medical history and all medications you are currently taking. Follow his directions regarding whether to stop taking any medicines before the test. ... More

how to read music youtube

YouTube Music Downloader is an easy-to-use Windows application downloads YouTube music videos to your PC and converting them into MP3 and more media formats. ... More

how to make mock fish

Preparation. Mix soy sauce, tomato puree and yoghurt to make a paste. Add mock fish pieces and marinate for 30 minutes. In large pan heat oil, add mock fish in batches, deep fry till skin is golden brown. ... More

how to make eggs benedict video

1. Heat butter in a medium skillet over medium heat. Add Canadian bacon, and cook until well browned on both sides. Divide bacon among the English-muffin halves. 2. Fill a large deep saucepan with 2 inches of water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium. ... More

how to make a wedding arch out of wood

How To Build A Chuppah. The religious kind. It's easy. (See our wedding arch tutorial for an up close look at how you can use zip ties to secure the poles together). Now, with all that discussion out of the way, let’s discuss building the base (which involves creating four of the same bases that we created for this wedding arch). A few tips from Michelle (our resident wedding designer ... More

how to make a homemade weight sled

Fitness Weight Sled Push Pull Drag Sled Heavy High Training. Made of premium steel with advanced static electricity spray, durable and stursy. can be push, pull or drag. Our goal is to make sure that ... More

how to make cream style corn from frozen corn

Southern Style Creamed Corn two cans of drained whole kernel corn or even a bag of frozen corn (try the shoepeg corn) both make mighty adequate substitutes. For fresh corn, you'll want just about one ear or so per serving. You can also remove about half of the corn from the skillet, pulverize it in a blender, then return it to the skillet if you want a more traditional creamed corn ... More

how to make stuff float with magnets

17/11/2018 · In this Article: Article Summary Making a Paperclip Magnet Making an Electromagnet Making a Compass Magnet Community Q&A References. Magnets are made by exposing ferromagnetic metals like iron and nickel to magnetic fields. ... More

how to make a jean skirt tighter

My too tight denim skirt now fits very nicely, and it looks awfully cute as well. Its a little short to wear in winter but maybe with some leggings it would be okay. Good luck trying your own skirt alterations! ... More

how to make frozen strawberry msrgsritas

But instead of going the usual frozen strawberries route, I decided to make use of the beautiful ripe strawberries that are in abundance right now and make a fresh strawberry margarita version. It is sweetened with honey (or agave). It calls for just 5 simple ingredients. It takes less than 5 minutes to whip up in a blender. It can be served on the rocks or frozen… ... More

how to make bitters for drinks

Not surprisingly, with a name like “bitter” it’s hard to make friends. Like Johnny Cash said, “life’s tough for a boy named Sue.” But with the craft cocktail resurgence, cocktail bitters are making a huge comeback. ... More

how to make honey oil with alcohol

You may want to set the cups in the order youll add them into the container: honey, corn syrup, maple syrup, whole milk, dish soap, water, vegetable oil, rubbing alcohol, and lamp oil. Add food coloring to the water and the rubbing alcohol for contrast so they stand out in the finished column. ... More

how to make an oil skimmer

Model 1h. Model 1H is the most compact skimmer manufactured by Oil Skimmers, Inc. It is designed to remove oil from aqueous washing and machining coolant tanks where restricted access or small surface area make skimming a challenge. ... More

how to make russian potato dumplings

To make the pierogi dough: Place the flour on a clean work surface and make a well in the centre. Crack both eggs into the well. Add the butter and a little bit of the warm … ... More

how to read your feet

At least once a day, I take off my shoes and socks to let my feet dry and air out. And at night, I put on a clean, dry, and warm pair of socks, which helps my feet recover overnight so they can ... More

how to prepare progress report

Online Technical Writing: Progress Reports You write a progress report to inform a supervisor, associate, or customer about progress you've made on a project over a certain period of time. ... More

how to play minecraft with a ps4 controller

How To: Play Any Android Game with a PS3 Controller (Or Other Gamepad) How To : Play Your Favorite PS4 Games Remotely on Any Android Device How To : Set Up the PS Vita for Remote Play … ... More

how to make your answer sheet presentable

2/09/2015 The answer to this question is the alluring and awful packaging as the pie is itself a divine food item and its first look is always mouthwatering for viewer so if you pack your pies in more ... More

how to make hash browns out of potatoes

I turned the potatoes and onion mixture out on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper, spreaded it out evenly, and made cut marks to divide the hash browns out. Put the cookie sheet in the freezer to freeze for about two hours. They popped right up off the pan and I stored them with waxed paper in between each hash brown. Wrapped them in foil in groups of four. Very proud of my results. I cooked ... More

how to make brown rice cereal for baby

Our website searches for recipes from food blogs, this time we are presenting the result of searching for the phrase making brown rice cereal for baby. ... More

how to remember permanent teeth eruption

Baby teeth, also known as primary, milk or deciduous teeth, are the first set of teeth that humans get in their lives. The 20 primary teeth start to appear in a babys mouth after the sixth month and they stay in the mouth of the child until they are gradually replaced by the permanent teeth ... More

how to say please in russian

How to say please in Russian - Learn Russian in EU. The word (please) is used in everyday conversations and it has a few more applications in Russian than in English. ... More

how to make youtube video play automatically on facebook

Each time a reader likes this blog article, it automatically shares a video tutorial explaining how to manage Facebook Page admin roles with the aid of a Facebook Page management software tool. This way, you have the best of both worlds: interesting content + relevant product promotion . ... More

how to put paragraphs in html

1/02/2008 · By having that extra separation between each paragraph, creating smaller blocks for the reader, I feel it just makes it better all around. Anyhow, if you want to create an extra “gap” or “line” between your paragraphs, all you have to do is add the
code after each paragraph. ... More

how to fold kathmandu pack and go bag

I tried your GORP recipe a while back and it was excellent, so any time I go on a trip I make sure to pack a bag of that. Once I replace my pack Im sure Ill be re-visiting this list to see where else I can shave weight, Im currently sitting at about 42# for a fully loaded pack, I want the whole thing to weigh less than 35# when Im done. ... More

how to make mithril bolts

Mithril bolts (unf) are made by a player with level 53 Smithing using a mithril bar on an anvil. You get 10 mithril bolts(unf) for each mithril bar and gain 50 Smithing experience. At level 54 fletching, you can add feathers to make mithril bolts. Each bolt will grant 5 fletching experience. These are a popular choice when it comes to Smithing ... More

how to make batman voice changer

Voice-changing software, often used in online video games, can transform any voice into another voice instantly. You simply need to use one of these programs to produce a soundtrack that you can ... More

how to make easy fake nails

Without making a mess or going to money-sucking nail salons to pay a professional manicurist or applying fake stiletto nails or acrylic nails that may be damaging to remove the nails. Learn how to paint your nails like a pro by following this actionable step by ... More

how to say second times a charm in chinese

As they say, third time's the charm, and acting on the advice of well-meaning Chinese friends, I decided to try Ge Lai after giving birth to my third child. ... More

how to make blueberry scones

How to Make Blueberry Scones As promised from earlier this week, this Blueberry Scones recipe is an adaptation of the Basic Buttermilk Scones with fresh blueberries added into the batter. The process is exactly the same, except that we will toss in the fresh blueberries right before adding the … ... More

how to make a fruit roll up blunt

24/10/2009 · Uhm maybe the fact that a fruit roll-up would be way too thick to roll weed in or smoke out of. And no, I'm sure the taste would be disgusting. ... More

how to make outlast 2 not scary

Outlast puts you in the shoes of a reporter who has just gotten the news that something really fishy is going on in an asylum. Determined to find out the truth, he … ... More

how to make mood edit after effects

Figure 1B shows the same scene after processing. By decreasing the contrast, the bright background has becomes less bright and the dark foreground faces have become less dark. Combined with a slight increase of the brightness control, this is often enough to make marginal footage more acceptable. ... More

how to make a cool trap in minecraft

We got bored and tried to trap an EnderDragon in a cage (self.Minecraft) submitted 4 years ago by KamikazeRusher It's nowhere near perfect, nor was it planned out, but it was pretty cool. ... More

how to make a circle in photoshop with pen tool

Photoshop: create open path with the Pen Tool. Ask Question 3. If I want to draw a nice line with the Pen Tool in Photoshop, I make a path and then stroke it. However, the stroked path is not a vector now. When I create a shape instead, it must be closed before I can stroke it (or Photoshop will close the shape itself with a straight line). What I want is to create an open shape (like e.g. the ... More

how to make thai tom yum

22/09/2018 Tom Yum Fried Rice - your favorite Thai Tom Yum Flavor in a fried rice dish. The most amazing fried rice with exotic flavors that you can't stop eating. The most amazing fried rice with exotic flavors that you can't stop eating. ... More

how to make an ice cream stand in minecraft

In Mob traps, ice is great for making faster mob delivery systems. Water traveling over ice propels items and mobs faster, decreasing the amount of time a player must wait. Water traveling over ice propels items and mobs faster, decreasing the amount of time a player must wait. ... More

how to make cake in nonstick pan

Zwillings latest pan is an sturdy, forged aluminum, PFOA-free nonstick pan that you can use on your stovetop (whether electric, gas, or induction) up to 400 F or in your oven up to 300 F (and, thanks to a coating of water-based lacquer, it's extra durable). Its handle stays cool while you cook, and the pans rim was specially designed to make pouring easy and dripless. Its a breeze ... More

how to move keyboard on ipad

... More

how to respond to positive reviews hotes

positive, negative, and neutral reviews at roughly the same rate. Third, by exploiting variation in Third, by exploiting variation in the rate with which hotels respond on di … ... More

how to make supply lines

The tank fills up when the consumption of hot and cold water is lower than the capacity of the supply line - and the tank is emptied when the consumption is higher than the capacity of the supply line. ... More

how to open the bottle without opener

Personal trash. While many residential customers don't have dumpsters, the same phenomena occur with their trash. While modern methods can steal your personal details straight from your computer, identity thieves know that your trash can is just waiting to be refined. ... More

how to say goodbye forever to someone you love

27/12/2010 · How To Say Goodbye To Someone You Love Kenmond Sanders. Loading... Unsubscribe from Kenmond Sanders? How To Say Goodbye To A Loved One Dying With Cancer - Duration: 6:23. Stephen … ... More

how to make sparrow house with cardboard

How to Make Bird Trap House Technology. Creative Cardboard Bird Trap Technology Works 100% - Paper Box Bird Trapping. House Sparrow Family from Hatching to Fledging. My love birds farm opaline / Agapornis Ruzohrdly. Funniest Unlikely Animal Friendships Compilation Funny Pet Videos. ... More

how to plan to travel europe

Step 2. Schedule your European travel dates based on your commitments and preferred vacation time. Plan at least seven days to see multiple European cities or countries. ... More

how to open sql profiler

I'm running SQL Server Management Studio 2008 (Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 10.0.1600.22 ((SQL_PreRelease).080709-1414 )) However I cannot find the option to open SQL Profiler . I was under the impression that this was installed with SSMS 2008? ... More

how to make a greenhouse out of pvc

Yes, that is done in the shop, and yes, that's a weird environment to build a greenhouse. I do my materials prep, cutting and dry fitting in the workshop because I have every tool I might possibly need at my disposal. In truth, you don't need many tools to get this done. ... More

how to make fluffy slime for beginners with toothpaste

DIY Toothpaste Fluffy Slime!! No Shaving Cream, No Glue, No Borax! MUST WATCH! Click to SUBSCRIBE for more Videos, and click to LIKE, SHARE my video. Thank you very much ! Subscrib No Shaving Cream, No Glue, No Borax! ... More

how to make a good poster for an event

A good font showcases the information clearly and melds well with the type of event, service or product the poster is talking about. Poster ideas are plentiful when you sit down and consider the many different ways to approach the creation of the poster. Play around with different fonts until you find one that speaks to the subject. A symphony concert that is planned to be held in a garden ... More

how to put all photos onto a drive

1/09/2017 When all of the correct files are highlighted, click anywhere in the highlighted area and drag the group of files to the USB drive. You can also copy entire folders to ... More

how to make cashew halwa

Badam Halwa Recipe. The other day my neighbor send over some badam halwa and my son just loved it. Well, the next thing he said after finishing the last bit is Mom please make it. ... More

how to make a model of an atom project

Atom Science Lesson. Grades: 5th Grade Summary: Students will review what the parts of an atom, learn how to determine how many neutrons, protons and electrons an element have based on the atom number, and determine the number of electrons residing on each orbiting shell. ... More

how to put netgear modem into bridge mode

So I just ppurchased a linksys e8300 after my Asus router died and I DSL. I can successfully put my modem into bridge mode but when I try and set up my router it says it can't find the internet. ... More

how to read blob data in db2

I am using Data studio 3.1.1 . i just tried by selecting a single record by exporting to XL file and found that length of each row is 32759 bytes. so we can go ahead as per you suggestion as HEX function is limited to 16k length. ... More

how to make a mousetrap car go far

In this tutorial, we learn how to construct a mouse trap car. You will need: wood, string, wood glue, duct tape, scissors, markers, a mousetrap, wheels, and a drill to do this. To start, you will lift the mousetrap up and tape duct tape around it along with a long stick. Then, tape this to a piece of wood. From here, you will glue together two ... More

how to make beef jerky in the oven video

Jerky makes a delicious snack for the whole family and a great gift for friends. It's always nice to have some great jerky recipes to prepare. ... More

how to play 30 seconds board game

29/12/2011 · Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next Balderdash (2015) review - Board Game Brawl - Duration: 12:05. ... More

how to make elderberry extract

Norms Farms makes both Elderberry Extract and Elderberry Wellness Syrup in addition to a line of delicious elderberry preserves, and we are often asked How much elderberry should I take? We provide serving recommendations on our products like all manufacturers of nutritional supplements, but if you have made your own elderberry extract or syrup you may want some advice on how much to ... More

how to read a chart astrology

Download the free blueprint for the fastest way of learning how to read a chart for yourself, your clients, and your friends! ... More

how to put silk flowers on a wedding cake

When putting silk flowers on a wedding cake, it’s important to avoid putting them in a row, and instead looking at offsetting the numbers and alignment. ... More

how to pay with paypal through email

Dave, I get tons of email that looks like its from Paypal, asking me to update my account record, check that things are configured alright, or even to notify me that a new email address has been added to my account. ... More

how to make redstone bridge in minecraft 20 blockes

4/04/2014 · Wireless Redstone is a Minecraft modification that allows you to transmit and receive redstone signals without wires. What it does is send redstone states on selected frequencies over something called the "redstone ether". ... More

how to move where fisheye is in photoscape

In here, you can define the edge of the camera by moving the dewarping-circle By default, the algorithm will try to find the ideal position of the circle when dewarping is enabled. If the automatic detection isn't configured correctly, you can move and resize the circle manually using one of the 4 anchor points on the yellow circle. To retry the automatic detection, click the button "Detect ... More

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how to put a checkmark symbol in word

Rojus Alappat : 1. To add the boxes that you will be able to check, you need to use the Developer tab. 2. Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Word Options.

how to put audible books on my ipod shuffle

Is there any way to sync audio books in audible android app and audible in windows? Is there a way to to keep the playhead of your podcasts in sync between iTunes and an iOS device? Is there a way to manage the number of photos that get synced to an iOS device via iCloud?

how to make party in town of salem

While this information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent, neither “Town of Salem Game Forums” nor phpBB shall be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised.

how to read graphs and charts

Graphs and charts are used to make information easier to visualize. Humans are great at seeing patterns, but they struggle with raw numbers. Graphs and charts can show trends and cycles.

how to make then mittai in tamil

Ellu Mittai / Sesame Burfi a crunchy,nutty,sweet made with sesame seeds and jaggery.These burfis are so nutritious with the goodness of two healthy ingredients Sesame seeds and Jaggery(natural sugar substitute).Ellu means Sesame seeds in Tamil,but we dont call the Sesame oil as Ellu(sesame) Yennai(oil) instead we say Nalla yennai which means

how to make inside pockets

Top stitch the band piece to the top edge of the patch pocket ( The patch pocket should have had the top edge turned inside at this point). You can make box pleated and inverted pleated patch pockets.

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